About us

How It All Began

Scandinavian Biolabs is founded on the virtues of natural functionality, transparency, and real impact. In the era of digitalization, we had an urge to create something real. Real, tangible products which solved a real problem for real people. Many may experience hair loss before the age of 50, and these individuals are often faced with concerns of confidence and self-esteem. To create impact, we understood the products must be reliable. Therefore, we teamed up with the best experts to develop high-quality natural products. Our vision is to end suffering arising from hair loss. The mission is to build our users’ confidence and self-esteem by delivering natural quality products which improve the health of your hair.

Hair loss is common, and we're here to help

Hair loss is common, in fact, throughout our lifetime, a majority of us will undergo a certain degree of hair loss. Research suggests that on average 57% of women and 73% of men will experience hair loss by the age of 80 years. Yet, there are limited non-conventional alternatives with demonstrated efficacy. With your feedback, we strive to challenge ourselves and our products to provide you with the highest quality natural products in a market flooded with false promises.

We believe in natural ingredients with intent

Our products are designed on the principle of unparalleled quality using naturally-derived ingredients. We aim to continuously improve our formulations and pioneer innovation through the utilization of solely plant-based materials. All components of our hair growth formulas are carefully chosen based upon a rigorous review of research and refined to bring you natural, non-toxic products scientifically reported to promote hair growth.

Transparency is easy when you have nothing to hide

Sometimes surprises are great, but let's keep them out of your hair care products. Within the realm of haircare, scientific transparency is rare. With countless over-marketed and ineffective products, we believe it is our responsibility to enable you to make an informed decision when it comes to your body. Our goal is to empower our community to learn more about our formulations so that you may better understand the science behind every ingredient and its intended purpose in your hair growth journey.

Always caring for nature & each other

Transparency is not limited to our formulations but is an integral part of who we are as a company. Formulated, tested, and produced in Denmark, environmental and social values are instilled into every aspect of our business from the formulation to the distribution of our products. While we are proud of what we have created, we are ambitious, striving towards several sustainability goals by the end of 2021. By investing in our products, you are investing in a company committed to social and environmental sustainability.

Scientific Advisory Board
Our scientific advisory board, consisting of medical doctors and scientists, provides guidance on the newest research and product advancements in the field of hair science and dermatology.