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Our shampoos are made from the best quality ingredients and contain star compounds mentioned above that help in combating hair fall as well as stimulate hair growth. You will be spoilt for choice between our ranges of shampoos with each one of them equally suitable for making your hair goals possible.

The Ultimate Guide to Hair Growth Shampoo

Hair Growth Shampoo Liquid

Hair loss is quickly becoming a very common and prevalent condition in today's day and age. This condition is particularly unpleasant as it not only affects the health of our hair; it also affects our confidence and self-esteem in the worst way possible. But to understand what is going to work best for your hair and which product is going to not only stop the loss of hair and halt the speedy balding, but also stimulate the regrowth of new hair shafts, you first need to understand why you lose your hair? What triggers the loss and what are the components that are missing from your hair care regimen that might help you solve the problem. So starting from the beginning:

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss serum

Various factors contribute to hair loss or baldness and this problem is more common than you might suspect. Anyone can be affected by this problem as it can be due to any of these factors:

  • Hereditary
  • Ageing
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Side effect of certain medications
  • Poor lifestyle choices
  • Stress
  • Nutritional deficiencies

All of these factors might lead to the loss of stem cells that are needed for hair formation and hair growth.

The hair follicles on your scalp have a very active metabolism and a high cell turnover rate. They are sensitive to the type and quantity of nutrition which is then used as energy to go through the hair growth cycle that is divided into four main phases:

Anagen phase: This is the stage where hair growth is seen in the cycle.

Catagen phase: During this stage, involution and regression of hair are observed.

Telogen phase: This is also known as the resting stage in the hair cycle

Exogen phase: During this stage of the hair cycle, active shedding of hair shafts is observed.

These four phases are going on simultaneously at different levels in your head at all times.

As you grow older, the anagen phase becomes shorter so hair doesn't get the chance to grow healthy and becomes weak as the hair cycle reaches completion. Weak hair can also be a result of mineral and nutritional deficiency.

Losing a lot of hair at the same time or going bald is mainly dependent on genes. The reason, androgenetic alopecia, is fairly common and depends on hereditary predilection. This mainly happens due to an increase in the amount of DHT or dihydrotestosterone, which affects the hair follicles directly. As a result, the hair follicles start to degenerate, resulting in loss of hair and ultimately balding.

This condition is encountered by almost 95% of the men, while 50% of women are also get affected by this hair fall issue.

Here are some other causes of balding that might need attention in your case:

Traction Alopecia happens due to carrying hairstyles that put stress on the hair follicles. Although the hair loss is reversible, it can cause significant balding if not managed in time.

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease during which hair follicles get attacked by the body's immune system. Hair loss is not reversible although its extent depends on the individual.

Anagen Effluvium is a type of hair loss that is encountered by people who are taking any potent medication or undergoing chemotherapy. This happens due to the toxicity of the medicines and the hair loss is reversible.

Telogen Effluvium happens when the individual is going through extreme shock or stress that causes hair loss. The hair regrows after proper care and management but the recovery is slow.

Tinea Capitis results from a fungal infestation which grows on the scalp causing patchy, flaky skin and extreme hair loss. If the situation is not managed early, this can lead to permanent hair loss with scarring.

    Some medical conditions that might lead to hair loss are:

    • Hypothyroidism
    • Hyperthyroidism
    • Nutritional deficiencies
    • Iron deficiency anemia
    • Pregnancy
    • Menopause

    What are the signs and symptoms of balding?

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    There are telltale signs and symptoms you can look out for to determine if you are indeed going bald. Here are the things you should look out for:

    • Excessive hair fall that exceeds the normal 100 hair strands shedding encountered by an average person.
    • One of the most obvious signs of hair loss especially in men is a receding hairline. The thinning is more pronounced in the temple area.
    • Widening hair parts are encountered by a lot of women when hair starts falling. The hair from the top of the scalp starts thinning and the middle part widens.
    • The scalp becomes visible and noticeable as hair loss proceeds. You can see more skin.

    What is the best shampoo for hair growth?

    hair growth shampoo

    After understanding the reasons and patterns of hair loss, the question is whether there is a solution through which hair loss can be prevented. There are so many products that claim to reverse and prevent hair thinning, balding, and receding hairline. The concern is choosing the best product in the market for this problem.

    These medical treatments have been touted for their ability to counteract the hair loss issue and the results have been mixed so far. With some ingredients working exceptionally well for hair regrowth, we here at Scandinavian Biolabs have amalgamated those ingredients into effective and fast formulas that help manage hair loss. These formulas consist of ingredients like capilia longa, amino acids, biotin and caffeine along with numerous other beneficial ingredients that make our product the best shampoo for hair growth and thickening.

    Developed in the best labs, under the best conditions, and by the best team of specialists, these formulas are hair growth and repair shampoo but the results might vary according to individual characteristics. Sometimes the regrowth period is very fast while at other times it might take 4-5 months for the hair regrowth shampoo to show some positive results.

    Does Capilia Longa in shampoo help hair regrowth?

    Hair growth shampoo ingrediens

    Capilia is a unique all-natural, plant-acquired formula that aids the hair growth process due to its potent and effective ingredients like curcuminoids, specifically curcumin. This makes it a perfect star ingredient of any hair growth shampoo and conditioner.

    It works by resetting the hair follicle epigenetically which stimulates the dermal papilla cell activity. This in turn results in strong, healthy hair that has extended life in the hair cycle.

    The efficiency of this ingredient has been established through rigorous research and numerous studies. Capila longa exhibits many qualities which include antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory properties, and antiprotozoal characteristics all of which play a vital role in hair growth. This ingredient in our hair regrowth shampoo not only nourishes your hair but also makes it the best shampoo for hair growth and thickening.

    Role of amino acids in hair regrowth shampoo

    The second ingredient that makes our natural shampoo for hair growth best is the unique amino acid blend used in our Alpha Anagen formulae shampoo. The hair growth shampoo and conditioner provided by us is full of essential amino acids that play their part as protein’s building block that the body fails to produce itself otherwise. This blend has been curated specially for its ability to penetrate deep into the hair follicle bringing about fast and effective results making our product the best shampoo for hair growth and thickening.

    This blend also helps hair in producing keratin that imparts health and wellness to your hair. The blends make this the best shampoo to thicken hair, as not only does it provides hair with nourishing ingredients but also slows down hair loss.

    Several types of research have supported the strengthening and revitalizing capabilities of this ingredient in shampoos making it essential for a moisturized, healthier-looking scalp and hair.

    Does caffeine make a good addition to hair regrowth shampoo?

    Acquired naturally from coffee beans, kola nuts, cacao beans, tea leaves, and guarana berries, caffeine has been used for its beneficial qualities for a long. Our hair regrowth shampoo contains the magical, beneficial qualities of this compound that translate its effect to the health and betterment of hair.

    This excellent ingredient, known as 1, 3, 7‐trimethylxanthine or caffeine makes one of the best ingredients in hair regrowth shampoo due to the following reasons:

    • Caffeine with its stimulating properties promotes hair growth by targeting the hair growth phase. It stops the action of DHT, an androgen that causes hair fall by targeting the health of hair follicles.
    • Caffeine boosts the production of Adenosine Triphosphate which provides hair follicles with the energy and metabolic boost to produce healthier, thicker hair.
    • Caffeine in shampoos has also been observed to speed up the hair growth cycle, making hair grow faster and denser. One research found an increase of 30-40% in hair length after consistent use of caffeine formulated shampoo.
    • Caffeine also promotes increased blood circulation to the surface of the scalp which leads to the provision of nutrients and minerals to the hair follicles. This nourishment results in faster growth of hair shafts that are much healthier, denser and thicker than before.
    • Shampoo containing caffeine is one of the best shampoos for hair growth and thickening for people suffering from alopecia as its hair regrowth benefits are varied and backed by science.

    The best shampoo to thicken hair, with caffeine as a star ingredient ensures that the following benefits of this invigorating ingredient are translated through the shampoo. Try our product and reap the following benefits from its daily consistent use:

    • It is the best natural shampoo for hair growth, to help stop hair loss due to genetics or any other factor.
    • It solves problems such as dandruff and an itchy scalp in no time.
    • Caffeine in shampoo strengthens the hair follicle from the inside out.
    • Healthy follicle means healthy and dense hair with increased volume after using this shampoo
    • It enhances the smoothness, texture and color of the hair making it look shinier and healthier.
    • Our shampoo contains all these qualities and much more which makes it undoubtedly, the best shampoo for hair growth and thickening.

    The best ingredient for hair regrowth shampoo-Niacin

    hair growth shampoo and conditioner

    Niacin has been a star ingredient in numerous shampoos used for hair growth and strengthening for a long time now in both hair growth shampoo for men and hair growth shampoo for women. It is touted for its benefits pertaining to hair health and undoubtedly the hair regrowth shampoos curated with this star ingredient exhibit phenomenal results. If you don’t believe us, give our product a try and see for yourself.

    What is niacin?

    It is a form of water-soluble vitamin B3 that is essential for healthy hair and also for optimum functioning skin, eyes, nails, nervous system, liver, and embryonic growth. Hence this essential supplement is very vital for our body organs and their well-being.

    What niacin does do in a shampoo?

    The addition of niacin into shampoo has been a game-changer in the hair care game and makes it the best shampoo that helps hair grow. When applied to the scalp, this shampoo increases the level of vitamin B3 in the body as well as boosts keratin production in the hair, making them look stronger and healthier. Our shampoo is one of the best choices of hair regrowth shampoos if you are looking to impart strength to your hair and looking for a shampoo that makes hair grow faster.

    It works as a primary building block of keratin and when added to the hair care routine, it imparts strength to not only hair shafts but hair follicles as well.

    So, if you ask us if our shampoo is the best hair regrowth shampoo? The answer is an obvious “YES!”

    How niacin in shampoo provides a hair growth effect?

    Some ways through which niacin in the shampoo affects the growth of our hair are:

    • It gets absorbed into the scalp, nourishing it and hair follicles deeply and thoroughly, resulting in healthy, shiny, and dense hair.
    • The moisturizing effects of niacin get rid of the dry, dandruff-ridden scaly scalp. A healthy scalp means less hair fall and more volume in hair due to less breakage.
    • Niacin hair growth shampoo and conditioner help in rehydrating the scalp along with clearing the pores from dry, dead skin cells. This makes sure that the hair cycle undergoing in the hair follicles runs smoothly and naturally, making the growth of strong hair possible.
    • Hair growth and repair shampoo armored with the benefits of niacin help to deliver the key minerals and vitamins to the scalp that are essential for their health.

    Our shampoos are made from the best quality ingredients and contain star compounds mentioned above that help in combating hair fall as well as stimulate hair growth. You will be spoilt for choice between our ranges of shampoos with each one of them equally suitable for making your hair goals possible. So do not waste time in thinking and order one of our hair regrowth shampoos and conditioner that are full of natural goodness and do not contain any chemical active agents like minoxidil or finest riding that might show fast hair growth but the long term effect of these chemical shampoos are not favorable.


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